• The National Coalition on Millennial Health

    A collaborative space for non-profits, companies, health exchanges, providers, and advocates to better coordinate health care for Millennials.

  • Coverage To Care Summit 2016

    The National Coalition on Millennial Health hosted its first Coverage to Care Summit in Washington, DC at Studio Theater on Tuesday, September 27, 2016. The Summit brought together experts, coalition partners, and young adults with the goal of building a national strategy for connecting "coverage to care" for today's young people. Contact us below for more information:

  • About the Coalition

    The National Coalition on Millennial Health (NCMH) serves as a central coordinating hub for strategies, resources, outreach campaigns, and partnership building around issues impacting Millennial health.

    Improving Healthcare and Health Literacy

    Millennial Health Outcomes​

    As Millennials remain among the most underserved and uninsured segments of the health care market, this Coalition seeks to identify ways to ensure more Millennials not only purchase health care coverage, but also learn how to use their insurance, and feel empowered to make their own health care decisions.


    This situation is much worse for our most vulnerable populations. Millennials of color still remain uninsured at higher rates than their white counterparts. Even when young adults gain coverage, they lack the knowledge on how to use their insurance or the benefits of preventive and primary care.The coalition will engage leading national partners that have an interest in best practices for best practices in enrollment, and moving beyond enrollment to ensure real health access to Millennial consumers in their community.

    Coalition Meetings

    A Collaborative Space for Millennial Health ​

    Coalition meetings regularly feature updates from participants in the field and highlights from the latest research on Millennial health. The meetings also provide access to, and topics for, a monthly panel of young health consumers. Additionally, members frequently share new resources such as websites, toolkits, and mobile apps. Each of the coalition meetings will highlight 2-3 impactful examples of organizations engaging Millennials on their health.

  • JOIN US!

    The Coalition is always on the look out for new research, technology and information to help Millennials move from obtaining health coverage to care. Contact Erin Hemlin here to join!

  • What's New In Millennial Health?

    Check out the latest in research, technology and outreach initiatives from the Coalition.

  • Partner Organizations

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    American College Health Association

    Active Minds

    Adolescent and Young Adult Health National Resource Center

    Advocates for Youth




    Association of Recovery in Higher Education

    Association of Recovery Schools

    Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)

    Black Women's Health Imperative



    Colorado Health Initiative

    Critical Mass

    Enroll America

    Evergreen Health

    Facing Addiction

    Families USA

    Fleishman Hillard

    Grassroot Project

    Hemophilia Federation of America


    Kaiser Family Foundation

    Kaiser Permanente

    Mental Health America (MHA)

    National Alliance on Adolescent Health

    National Alliance on Mental Illness

    National Council for Behavioral Health / State Associations of Addiction Services

    National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

    NOVA Scripts



    Planned Parenthood

    Research America


    Social Interest Solutions


    Stride Health

    Transforming Youth Recovery


    Vox Global


    YI Advisors

    Young Invincibles

    Young People In Recovery

    Youth Move National


    Support of the National Millennial Health Coalition by the listed organizations but should not be construed to indicate a member organization endorses every specific policy or position of the Coalition.

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